• We are a team of renowned optometrists and ophthalmologists serving patients in need throughout Arlington and Mansfield, Texas. Our mission is to maintain and, in most cases, improve our patient's vision health so that they can live a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.
    Welcome to Ford Eye Center
  • Now you can have Blade Free Cataract eye surgery
    Blade Free Cataract Surgery
  • See better after cataract surgery with the new lifestyle lens options! Lifestyle lenses allow you to see both near and far distances and can decrease your dependence on eye glasses after surgery. If you are seeking experienced cataract surgeons in the DFW area, call us today!
    Lifestyle Lens Options
  • Ford Eye Center strives to help making the financial aspects of LASIK eye surgery and other elective eye surgeries affordable for our patients. Some vision correction procedures are not covered by health insurance and because of this; we offer financing that will enable you to have the eye surgery you need.
    Financing Options
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